[Lyrics] Sam Luff – Long Hope Philia English Cover

Long Hope Philia is My Hero Academia Movie main theme and My Hero Academia 3rd Season ED 2.

Sam Luff – Long Hope Philia English Cover.

Lyrics Created By Studio Yuraki! – Adapted by Sam Luff

Long Hope Philia English Cover

No matter how I try, the more that I walk
the soles of my shoes, they keep picking up dirt
No different to us, the more we hurt
the souls in our hearts, they just keep getting cloudy

And when it gets too hard, and nothing seems to work
I think about the reason why you kept pushing forward
I’m meant to be the savior but you saved me instead
I tried to hold your hand but you just held me in the end

I hope the light will shine upon the journey ahead
I promise that our strength will overcome all our weakness
And each step you take on the road to the future
Is yet another win for the brave and fearless
Like filling up your lungs right before you scream
Or when you get a running start before you leap
We all need to cry, so that someday we’ll smile
And none of us believe that it means we’ve lost
Long hope philia

As time keeps moving on, our lives start to change
That goes for my town, and the friends that I’ve made
I get it by now, at some point we all leave
The fact that nothing really feels like home kinda scares me

But then what’s left for me? With no one else around
I’m stuck here with the guilt that I can’t be left alone now
But keep looking ahead because you know that you should,
And don’t be sad it changed, because I’m happy that it could!

I hope the light will shine upon what’s holding us down
It’s just minor setback, we can turn it around now
And those who can laugh in the final moment
have everything they need for a happy ending
I hope you never hurt because you never had dreams
I hope you never suffer ‘cause you never believed

The moment you reached out your hand to the future
I hope that you will love every memory that you make
Long hope philia

And when I feel like giving up and doubting myself
I think of every letdown, the pain that I felt
But the things that I have lost are now the weapons I wield
Each one of them a flower that is always concealed

My friends are far away, but I see them above
Every star shining bright, such a beautiful night
We’re all living out our lives, we give it all we’ve got
And we carry the load on our own.

I hope the light will shine upon the lives that we live
We keep on going strong, as if we needed a reason!
even if we hang our heads, we will stand straight
Our feet on the starting line, we’ll always move forward
And just because you smiled we can pack up today
all knowing that the losses that had weren’t for nothing
And that’s why there’ll always be hope for the future
‘cause even in the darkest depths the flowers will bloom
Long hope philia
Long hope philia
Long hope philia
Long hope philia


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